Top 10 free to play steam games – July 2016

Steam top 10

The most popular free to play steam game in July 2016 is Dota 2. New in the top 10 is Evolve Stage 2. Evolve was released last year but after release the amount of players dropped rapidly. In response to this the studio behind the game decided to release it for free. In this month Dota 2 averaged 635328 concurrent players. The highest peak was 1084198 players, measured on Sunday, July 3, 2016 @ 16:00:02. In the list and chart below you will find the top 10 most popular free steam games of 07-2016.

Number Game Avarage number of players Maximum number of players Steam page
1 Dota 2 635328 1084198 Dota 2
2 Team Fortress 2 54405 72643 Team Fortress 2
3 Unturned 28716 38934 Unturned
4 Warframe 28469 61553 Warframe
5 Clicker Heroes 17936 24980 Clicker Heroes
6 Evolve 15430 34823 Evolve
7 War Thunder 9665 14402 War Thunder
8 Tree of Savior (English Ver.) 9530 15940 Tree of Savior (English Ver.)
9 SMITE 8491 15236 SMITE
10 Trove 8204 14565 Trove

The graph above shows the average number of players per game per day in July 2016. Click on a game in the legend to show or hide it in the graph. Hold your mouse on a line to view more information about it.

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