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minetest minecraft

Minetest is a clone of the popular building game Minecraft. Of all the clones, Minetest tries to mimic the original as close as possible. Minetest is open source and free to download for everyone.

In Minetest you can mine resources and build things with them just like in Minecraft. You can play the game alone in single player mode or online in one of the many multiplayer servers. There are dedicated servers for PVP, PVE and just for building. Minetest has multiple texturepack. Adding a texturepack to the game can make the graphics much nicer. The game also supports mods.

Minetest is availiable on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OSX
  • Android
  • FreeBSD

How to start up Minetest
To start the game you have to extract your download and navigate to the folder called “bin”. In the bin folder you will find a file called “minetest.exe”. Doubleclick this file to start up Minetest. You can play on a higher resolution by pressing the maximize screen button in the top right corner.



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