Free Today (15-09-2014): Receiver

From September 8 until September 22 the Humble Store is giving away one free game per week.
During this period, many games in the Humble Store are also temporarily reduced in price.

The free humble bundle game of 15 September is Receiver
Receiver is created by Wolfire Games during a 7-day FPS challenge.
During this challenge several teams had seven days to make a First Person Shooter.
The goal of the game is to discoveer secrets in the radomized levels armed only with a Colt 1911.
If you get killed during a level the game will restart with a brand new randomized level.

Receiver normally costs 5 euros. You can only download it for free today 15-09-2014 free download via the Humble Store

Go to the Humble Store and enter your email address today to receive this free game



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