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Because the Guild Wars 2 expansion “Heart of Thorns” is launching soon, ArenaNet decided to make Guild Wars 2 free.
Guild Wars is currently one of the largest paid MMORPG’s. The game has received very good reviews and has an active community.

There are 5 different races:

  • Asura
  • Sylvari
  • Human
  • Norn
  • Charr

Guild Wars 2 has 8 professions (classes):

  • Engineer
  • Necromancer
  • Thief
  • Elementalist
  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Mesmer
  • Guardian

Compared to the normal version of the game, the free version has a few limitations. The goal of these limitations are to keep the game fair and ofcourse to encourage players to buy Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (for about 45 euros).

The table below explains the difference between the versions of the game:

Free Account Core Guild Wars 2 Account Heart of Thorns Account
Character Slots 2 5 5 or more*
Bag Slots 3 5 5
Revenant Profession No No Yes
Heart of Thorns Maps & Content No No Yes
Central Tyria (Core) Maps & Content Starter maps only until character reaches level 10

Lion’s Arch unlocked for each character at level 35

Yes Yes
Masteries No No Yes
In-Game Mail Can only send to mutual friends

Can’t send gold or items

Yes (accounts created after August 28, 2015 require SMS or app authentication to send gold and items) Yes (accounts created after August 28, 2015 require SMS or app authentication to send gold and items)
Guild Bank Access No Yes (accounts created after August 28, 2015 require SMS or app authentication to withdraw) Yes (accounts created after August 28, 2015 require SMS or app authentication to withdraw)
Whisper chat Except for mutual friends, can only whisper in the same map, one new person every 30 seconds Yes Yes
Map chat No Yes Yes
Squad chat Unlocked for each character at level 30 Yes Yes
Looking For Group Unlocked for each character at level 30 Yes Yes
PvP Chat Team Chat always available

Chat in PvP Lobby unlocked when the account reaches PvP rank 20

Emotes, Map and Say chat unavailable during matches

Yes Yes
WvW Unlocked account-wide when one character reaches level 60 Yes Yes
Daily Login Bonus No Yes Yes
Gem Store Items unusable by free accounts (such as glider skin) are unavailable Yes Yes
Currency Exchange Gems to gold exchange available, gold to gems exchange unavailable. Yes Yes
Trading Post Can buy and sell items from a selected list. Yes Yes
Forum Posting Access No Yes Yes


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