Warface is a fast free-to-play online First Person Shooter made by Crytek.
The game uses the CryENGINE 3 and is characterized by a strong focus on cooperation.


In the co-op mode up to 5 players can work together against NPC opponents.
Players can play different maps on variating difficulty levels.


In the versus game mode players compete against each other. The players are divided into two teams. Versus has the following game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Plant The Bomb
  • Free For All
  • Storm


In Warface you can choose from the following classes:

The Rifleman is a good general class and is suitable for short to medium range.
Primary weapon: Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns.
Special feature: The Rifleman can give ammunition to himself and his teammates.

The Sniper is very suitable for long distances.
Primary weapon: Sniper Rifles
Special feature: The sniper is the only class with no special features.

The medic has a support role. With his shotgun, the Medic mainly suitable for short distance combat.
Primary weapon: Shotguns
Special feature: The Medic can heal himself and other players. The Medic can also revive teammates.

The Engineer is very suitable for short distances, he also has a supporting role.
Primary weapon: Submachine Guns
Special feature: The Engineer can repair the armor of himself and his teammates. The Engineer can also place mines.

Next to the primary weapen every class also have a handgun and a knife.

Every class can also buy better weapons, clothes and other gear. This equipment can be purchased with the money you earn in-game or through micro-transactions.

Warface can be downloaded from the Warface homepage or via Steam.



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