Wildstar Reloaded


Starting today (29-09-2015) Wildstar is free-2-play. The name has changed from Wildstar to Wildstar Reloaded. Wildstar Reloaded is a MMORPG that, just like Guildwars 2 recently, has changed from a payed model to a free-2-play model. More information on the transition can be found here.

Wildstar is a colorful MMORPG with a cartoon style.

The game has the following classes:

  • Warrior
  • Spellslinger
  • Esper
  • Engineer
  • Stalker
  • Medic

Wildstar has 2 factions, 8 races and 4 different paths. Ofcourse the game also has game elements like PVP, PVE, dungeons, raids, missions and more.



Video 2:

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