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Payday 2

Payday 2 free for a limited time

To celebrate the “Ultimate Edition” edition of the game, the creators are giving away 5 million copies of the game on steam until june 23. Visit the Payday 2 steam page and click the...

dungeons 2

Free for a limited time: Dungeons 2

For a limited time, Dungeons 2 can be downloaded from the Humble Store. Normally the game costs € 29,99. In Dungeons 2 you create your own dungeon and protect it against the enemy. The...

Awesomenauts goes free to play

Awesomenauts is the most popular 2d MOBA game. Right now, the game costs € 24,99 but it will go free to play on the 24th of may 2017. To the Awesomenauts page

syberia 2

Free for a limited time: Syberia II

The game Syberia II can be downloaded for free for a limited time on EA’s origin. Syberia II is a puzzle game made in 2004 by Microids and published by Plug In Digital. Normally...